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Jan 17, 2020 - Guest: Mitch Ewan

Topics: Hydrogen's Promise for Transportation

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It’s no question that fossil fuels are on the way out. Hydrogen holds great potential as a sustainable form of energy. Instead of cars spewing carbon dioxide and other noxious fumes through an internal combustion engine, the only emission from a hydrogen fuel cell powered car is water. On this episode of Solutions News, we visited the National Energy Laboratories in Hawaii with expert Mitch Ewan. Ewan is the Hydrogen Systems Program Manager at the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute at the University of Hawaii.

Hydrogen is extremely abundant and easily harvested, and key to an energy future that produces energy at a much lower environmental and financial cost than fossil fuels. If harvested using green electricity, Hydrogen also has zero environmental impact. 

Transportation is the top contributor of greenhouse gases in the United States because of the inefficient internal combustion engines. Fuel cell vehicles, however, are powered by electricity from a fuel cell (hydrogen) instead of fossil fuels and can solve some of challenges for commercial trucking and shipping that might prove difficult for battery electric cars. There is really no reason that fuel cell vehicles haven’t become more common other than the abundant and misleading information funded by oil companies. 

Fuel cells have gone down in price by 70 percent since 2006, and while moving to a  hydrogen economy will require significant changes to infrastructure, gas pipelines, slightly altered, can transport hydrogen particles affordably. Replacing fossil fuels with hydrogen is the change we need to invest in if we hope to end our addiction to fossil fuel. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are incredibly efficient, easy to refuel (takes only five minutes), and soon-to-be widely accessible.

To learn more about the hydrogen economy from this episode with Mitch Ewan, listen now!

Mitch Ewan

Mitch Ewan is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada where he earned a degree in Applied Science. After a successful naval career that included command of submarines and a destroyer, Mitch entered private industry where he has served in a variety of senior executive positions including senior management (Board Member, VP & GM) of publicly traded companies. 

His hydrogen and fuel cell career spans over 28 years. He led the team that designed and built the “Green Car”, the world’s first PEM fuel cell powered automobile. For the past 13 years Mitch has been on the staff of the University of Hawaii’s Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (“HNEI”) as the Hydrogen Systems Program Manager where he is helping to develop HNEI’s hydrogen and fuel cell programs. Current projects include the use of electrolyzer systems for grid management, and the installation and operation of hydrogen production and dispensing systems on Oahu and the Island of Hawaii.


Mitch Ewan, our guest on Jan. 17, 2019