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January 24, 2020 - Aaron Briner

Topics: Supporting our first responders so they can support us

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Our day to day lives usually run pretty smoothly and we don't consciously acknowledge all that goes right. But when natural disaster or emergency hits, we quickly become aware of everything that has gone wrong, and thus recognize the ease of our regular days. What do we do when a tree falls in the road or the power goes out? That's when we turn to and recognize the people in the community that have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe through emergency management, planning, and response.

Firefighters, paramedics, police officers, and so many more groups at the city and county levels have worked hard to prepare us for disasters. Emergency management has set out four overarching steps to planning for disaster which are mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Mitigation must be well underway long before a disaster occurs. Preparedness-- as in how prepared we are as community members-- is key in limiting the negative effects of a disaster. Response puts planning into action to save lives and property. The final step is recovery which continues long after an event occurs as a community heals and regrows.

The role of first responders has changed drastically over the years. They respond to fires, medical calls, and so many more emergencies that require first responders to be trained in several fields. 

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Aaron Briner

Aaron was born in Santa Barbara, CA, and is an 8th generation Santa Barbara native. He currently lives in Santa Barbara with his wife and five children. 

Aaron was hired by Montecito Fire Department as a Firefighter on August 1, 2005. He promoted to Captain in 2015, Battalion Chief in 2018 and Battalion Chief-Fire Marshal in 2019. He is currently responsible for the District’s new hire and promotional processes and is a Strike Team Leader trainee and one of the Department’s Live Burn and Blue Card Command Instructors. He is also the District Public Information Officer. He has been a member of the Training, Equipment, Personnel and Public Education Committees and has performed as an USAR Rescue Manager on Southern California USAR Task Force 12. 

In addition to his District responsibilities, Aaron is currently the President of the Montecito Firefighter’s Charitable Foundation and served for eight years as the Treasurer of the Montecito Firefighters Association Board. 


Aaron Briner, our guest on Jan. 24, 2020