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November 22, 2019 - Guest: Judi Weisbart

Topics: Arts Education, Artist Collectives and Commmunity, Art as Practice

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On this episode of Solutions News, we focus on the creative arts and argue that art and arts education ought to be celebrated as a solution, not considered an afterthought.  Music, drawing, painting, photography, dance, poetry, storytelling, and even cooking, knitting and other hand-crafts - all these forms of creative expression are essential human skills.  Some argue that ART - defined broadly - is what makes us human, and see it as key to creating social cohesion and for individual self-development.  

Our guest is Judi Wiesbart, who is one of the (24) founding artists for Mike Cregan’s new La Cumbre Center for the Creative Arts.  We talk with Judi about the La Cumbre project, about her art and sculpture, along with her social activism and how it all fits together.    

For as the 19th century artist Edgar Degas explained: “ART is not what you see, but what you make others see.”  

Edgar Degas's The Ballet Rehearsal, 1873
Edgar Degas's The Ballet Rehearsal, 1873

Judi Weisbart

Judi Weisbart is a social artist and the founder of “A Busy Woman Consulting."

Judi has a passion for social justice, peace, compassion and beauty these are the focus of her life’s work. In all her artwork, her purpose is to help create a better world. Art is a powerful avenue for communicating values thru the expression of art. There is a language that allows the viewer to feel and understand the artist emotionally. Judi has said that the voice inside her is loud, it yells at her to make a difference, speak out and be the change she wants to see.

Judi is the founder and president of A Busy Woman Consulting, helping for-profit and nonprofit organizations create events, raise funds, and develop business. The overriding vision of the business is to create Mission Driven events and strategics that form a bond of trust between the organizations and the donors. Judi  has served and worked with dozens of organizations, individuals, and businesses throughout the region and abroad. She has helped organize many large community events in Santa Barbara, such as the Women's festivals, Martin Luther King Day Celebration, and political fundraisers.

As a 30-year resident of Santa Barbara, Judi has deep knowledge of and connections to the myriad sub-communities--social, faith, arts, education, and business--that abound here. She has been recognized with several prestigious awards for her commitment to creating a better world. She is also an accomplished artist, whose works have been widely shown.

Judi Weisbart, our guest on Nov. 22, 2019
Judi Weisbart, our guest on Nov. 22, 2019