Feb 22, 2019 - Guest: Salud Carbajal

Topics: Ports of LA & Long Beach Get Clean; Political Disclosure Act of 2019; Making Friends

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This week Solutions News interviews U.S. Congressman and newly appointed Vice-chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Salud Carbajal. Our lead story is about how the Ports of Long Beach and LA are becoming ground zero for testing out new zero emissions trucks. We also highlight some new legislation proposed by our Guest, Congressman Salud Carbajal, that would require public companies to disclose political contributions through the SEC. After Rinaldo interviews Representative Carbajal and some “Didya Knows”, the hour finishes with a story about effective techniques to make friends.

Ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach

Because of all of the industry and business in the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, there have been severe issues with air quality in the area. As a result, the ports have become great testing bed for new technologies to help decrease pollution levels. Since 2005, the ports have been working to reduce pollution by phasing out diesel trucks. In the 2017 plan, the focus was on electric and hybrid trucks as well as electric fuel cell powertrains. However, in 2018, the ports turned towards hydrogen fuel cell trucks through an agreement with Toyota to build the fuel cells and Paccar to build the actual trucks. So far, there are ten prototype trucks working, and the cities hope that it will be successful enough to phase out the 16,000 diesel trucks in use.

Political Disclosure Act of 2019

Ever since the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, money has had an undue influence in our elections. More importantly, dark money has allowed money to flow to political candidates without disclosures or a sense of transparency. Representative Carbajal is reintroducing the Political Disclosure Act (HR 1053), that Republican leadership prevented from leaving committee in the last session of Congress. The bill would require all publicly traded companies to disclose all political contributions through the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Beyond the important issue of transparency, H.R. 1053 would hold public companies accountable for the ways in which companies spend political money and the amount that they spend in a given election cycle.

Making Friends

The last story on the show this week emphasized seven awkward tips to help make friends. Throughout our lives, making friends is always a hardship, and we can all agree that we could use more friends. While the process of making friends is not easy, some simple tips can allow us to make friends more effectively. For example, using text messages or email to suggest something another person will find interesting is a simple way to begin a dialogue and create points of mutual interest. Similarly, it is important to make the first move. A lot of times people are nervous to begin a dialogue or just do not want to expend the effort that it takes, when a little bit of effort goes a long way to making a friend.

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Port of Long Beach, a fully automated gateway for trans-­Pacific trade

Port of Long Beach, a fully automated gateway for trans-­Pacific trade