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February 28, 2020 - Guests: Chess-Evans

Topics: Deep Ocean Water Desalination, Business Driven Solutions, The Ocean Cleanup targets Rivers!

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On this episode of Solutions News, our guests are Susanne Chess and Bob Evans, two mission-driven entrepreneurs who have made it their business to manufacture solutions to address problems large and small. Their latest project is focused on sustainable desalination using the power of the deep ocean to create clean freshwater without creating more problems for the animals, plants and other creatures who live there. We also feature other business-driven solutions, our didyaknows and feature an update on the Ocean Clean-up River project. 

We kick off the show discussing ways to fix the planet with the levers of business. Innumerable solutions are needed to mitigate climate change, and they are needed on such a wide scale that business alone will have trouble making them accessible to humanity. Cooperation is an absolute must-- between innovators, financiers, and groups that can effectively deploy solutions. That's where public-private partnerships come in. These are cooperative arrangements between two or more public and private sectors, typically long-term. Ideally, this is a win-win situation where a business is able to tackle a problem that the government could not. To learn more about public private partnerships and their success stories, listen now!

Our next story is very close to the hearts of our guests, Susanne Chess and Bob Evans. The Ocean Cleanup, an ambitious project that we've touch on in the past, was launched in 2013  to clean up plastic pollution. The nonprofit makes use of trash-collecting barges in water ways, and this is just one of many new and exciting campaigns in the private sector to address the world's biggest problems.


2.28.20 Susanne Chess and Bob Evans

Bob Evans is a visionary, an entrepreneur, who identifies and materializes significant solutions.

He and his wife and partner, Susanne Chess have invested their lives in identifying opportunities, putting the teams together and executing the programs necessary to realize projects in the ocean, while addressing needs of society. Desalination is their primary passion because coastal desalination is harming the world’s eco-system.

To this end, they have launched C+E=DOW, an acronym for Chess+Evans=Deep Ocean Water Desalination. The company’s objective is to design and build, supply and manage operation of proprietary desalination modules and methods, an environmentally superior solution to our most pressing need – converting ocean saltwater into fresh water in a more sustainable manner. 

Bob has spent approximately 6,000 hours under water (equivalent to 3 full-time working years), during which he established and documented undersea programs, some for which required he design and produce equipment. His manufacturing experience includes establishment of polyurethane production facilities and development of revolutionary methods of molding.

He has more than 30 patents, work in Museums (New York Museum of Modern Art, Department of Architecture and Design, New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc.), and international design accolades, including a “Time Magazine Innovation of Year Award.”

Bob Evans has served as Executive Director, President and a Member of the Board of Directors of the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences. This 55-year old organization recognizes pioneers and leaders who have had a global impact on the exploration, safety and preservation of the underwater world. In 2005 he was awarded a NOGI by the Academy. In 2006 he was awarded by Beneath the Sea as Diver of the Year in Science. He is also a member of the Ocean Artists Society.

Susanne Chess is the daughter of entrepreneurs, from whom she acquired her passion for business. Through more than thirty years of key management (Board of Directors) experience, she has honed crucial skills in problem solving and communication. She co-founded Bob Evans, Inc., and coordinated production and marketing, for its primary product Force Fin®, building it into a respected worldwide recognized brand. 

In 2012, she launched AeroHance, Inc. which produces GasPods® designed by Bob Evans to enhance the aerodynamics of cars and trucks to save fuel. In 2004, she founded Fine Fabrics of Santa Barbara and

A recognized business leader in Santa Barbara, CA, she was honored to be asked to give a commencement speech to the graduating class of the Women’s Economic Venture Group, and as a guest speaker for symposia on International Business at the University of California, Santa Barbara. In 2013, she was awarded a Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award by its Foundation for Santa Barbara County. 


Susanne Chess and Bob Evans, our guests on Feb. 28, 2020