March 1, 2019 - Guest: Arielle Ford

Topics: Topics: CO2 Removal; Clean Water from the Air; Mindfulness

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On this episode of Solutions News, Rinaldo reports on new carbon capture processing plants that cost-effectively remove carbon dioxide from the air and store it, then he discusses technologies that pull clean water from the air using a variety of techniques including solar energy or nanofiber cloth nets. He has an engaging interview with relationship expert Arielle Ford, who tells our listeners how to find their "soul mate" or how to turn their current mates into something closer to a "soul mate". The final story looks at the benefits of mindfulness meditation - which is even better than a vacation for relieving stress, though vacation is awesome and Rianldo is planning to take one. We also do some "didyaknows".

Carbon Capture and Storage

The lead story today is about a technique to pull Carbon Dioxide from the air, called carbon capture and storage. A Swiss company called Climeworks is about to bring its third unique plant online to help fight climate change, with an end goal of removing 1% of global emissions by 2025. The first plant uses captured carbon to fuel a greenhouse and increase the crop yield between 20 and 30 percent. In Iceland, the company is building a plant alongside a geothermal energy plant. Excess energy from the geothermal plant is used to push carbon underground, where it binds with minerals. Moreover, a Canadian company, Carbon Engineering, uses a process they say can abate a ton of carbon for around $100, which is a huge step towards solving the calamity of climate change.

Capturing Ambient Water

Worldwide, there are 800 million people that face some type of problems related to water scarcity. There are multiple processes to help solve this problem, the most innovative of which actually pulls water out of the air. In a hospital in Jamaica, a company has installed 20 solar panels, which can soak up to 800 gallons of water every year (more than the hospital needs). The same company has installed similar panels in 20 different countries, including in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria destroyed the local water infrastructure. Other effective technologies already on the market such include nanofiber cloth nets that create clean, bacteria free water and carbon nanotube straws that use membranes to filter water. All three of these processes are cheap methods to solve a global problem.


The short term benefits of vacation are definite; they can range from reduced stress to better immune health. However, it turns out that mindfulness and meditation can actually have more long term benefit. Meditation provides long term stress relief, boosts the immune system, and can also help reduce chances of dementia. 

Carbon Engineering is finding cost effective methods to pull carbon from the air!

Carbon Engineering is finding cost effective methods to pull carbon from the air!