Jina Carvalho

Jina Carvalho is Director of Communication for the Glendon Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and enhancing mental health by addressing the public health issues of suicide, violence and disturbed family relations. They fulfill that mission through research, education and training in the mental health field as well as to the general public.

Visit them at www.glendon.org and www.psychalive.org

Ms. Carvalho, was also one of the original founders of the Santa Barbara Response Network (SBRN) a grassroots volunteer non-profit dedicated to offering Psychological First Aid (PFA) and social support for resilient recovery from traumatic incidents including disasters; suicide and violent injuries, especially among the underserved populations and youth in the Santa Barbara. She is currently serving as SBRN's Managing Director. 


Jina Carvalho, our guest on May 3, 2019!

Jina Carvalho, our guest on May 3, 2019!