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Monika Penukonda Taylor

Monika trained in Vedic philosophy for 15 years in India, working closely with the spiritual master, Sri Kaleshwar. She assisted him in codifying translated knowledge from ancient palm leaf manuscripts that reveal how to awaken the divine potential in human beings. He asked her to make this knowledge accessible and practical for Westerners. The philosophy of this ancient body of knowledge reveals that solutions to healing ourselves and our planet will be found in the feminine. There will be a re-awakening of a reverence for the Divine Mother and the sacred feminine that will restore harmony on the earth. 

"The Divine Mother represents the feminine face of God—in every culture, race, or religion. When we connect to the feminine healing power of the divine, a higher collective consciousness emerges. All of nature moves into a higher state of being—women, men, children, plants and animals of Earth, forming a more loving, healthy, peaceful world.” 

Monika's focus is the rise of the feminine in our world and the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies to bring the change we need in society. It’s important that feminine energy comes forward now to heal and protect this creation. Today, she is devoted to awakening others through the energy of the Divine Mother at the Center in Mendocino County, as well as online broadcasts to a worldwide spiritual community.

Monika will be in Santa Barbara to raise awareness and funding for projects at the Divine Mother Meditation & Healing Center that will exhibit ways to live in harmony as a community in times of changing climate. This is especially urgent in areas like Mendocino which are struggling in the face of power shortages and fire breakouts. The Center will be a model for living in harmony with nature using Rammed Earth construction, a five-thousand-year-old, environmentally friendly building method, as well as a local sustainable microgrid, and the ancient Vedic science of Vaastu. 

She will bring a spiritual perspective of living in harmony as we move into an environmentally unsettled future.

Monika Penukonda, our guest on Nov. 15, 2019.
Monika Penukonda, our guest on Nov. 15, 2019.