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The World Business Academy will present a new weekly radio talk show beginning Friday, January 11 called “Solutions News” hosted by founder Rinaldo Brutoco, that will discuss solutions to local, national and global problems to give people optimism and solutions for the future. 

Rebroadcasts: Fridays 11 PM - 12 AM; Saturdays 5-6 PM; Sundays 9-10 AM.  Also as a weekly podcast available for on-demand streaming or download.


Focusing on solutions: The antidote to cynicism & despair

We believe there are more solutions than problems, people just don’t realize it. If we start looking at the solutions, we’ll develop a new optimism in these dark times that will help us get through. Solutions News Radio show is our commitment to help people see and experience what can and is working.



Each week we will address a wide range of issues including climate change, personal growth and development, solutions for the economy, and personal investing, to name just a few of the topics we will cover. 

Each program will feature a new guest and we’ve got some great guests lined up, including Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and other notable “solutions” thinkers and authors .

Listeners can help set the agenda by calling in to the show to tell the hosts what they are interested in or to engage with the weekly guest. The number to call in is 866-564-1290. 



Sponsors of Solutions News include Garlic Gold, an organic food company, and the Optimist Daily, a free subscription service that provides a steady diet of five optimistic stories each day to readers seeking a quick read of positive news and solutions.  


Sign up to hear from us about upcoming guests, podcasts, and events. We focus on Solutions News on the Environment, Business, Health, Well-being and People working to make a difference.

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