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May 8, 2020 - Guest: Rinaldo Brutoco

Topics: Benefit Corporations, JUST Capital, Diverse Board Rooms - How to make business a force for good

Show Summary

On this "best of" episode of Solutions News, we cover the ways the corporate world is beginning to make the shift towards more just and sustainable practices and more equality with a focus on certified “B-corporations” and the non-profit, JUST Capital, which is working to help large publicly traded companies succeed with truly “just” business practices. To shake up the show’s format a bit, our producer Kristy Jansen takes on the role of Host, and Rinaldo Brutoco - who’s a sought after expert on how business can be a force for good sits in the interview hot seat! The solution that some are calling for is a new ethos that supports companies that build sustainability into the workforce and the local community, and which provide environmental stewardship while penalizing those that continue as bad actors. This solution is gaining new power in corporate board rooms at the largest public companies in America, as well as among smaller private businesses. What’s at stake is basically the sustainability of the American economy - and perhaps the very foundation of our political system as well. Original Broadcast date: September 13, 2019 (Produced by Kristy Jansen)

Rinaldo S. Brutoco

Rinaldo Brutoco is the Founding President of the World Business Academy. An economics and business expert specializing in energy policy, renewable energy, finance, innovation, and the causes of and adaptation strategies for climate change, Mr. Brutoco publishes cutting-­‐‑edge articles and books that address the role and responsibility of business in relation to critical moral, environmental, and social concerns of the day. For over thirty-five years, Mr. Brutoco has been an international leader in advancing the nature of good corporate governance, corporate accountability, transparency, and ways that corporations can fulfill their social compact by providing goods and services that the public needs and wants in appropriate, and financially prudent ways. Click here to read full bio.