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March 27, 2020 - Guest: Jon Aimonetti - Fairview Gardens

Topics: Local Farming and Healing our Fast Food Diets 

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In this episode of Solutions News, as we all call in to the show from our respective home or yurt based offices, Rinaldo Brutoco and Kristy Jansen talk with Jon Aimonetti, Executive Director of Fairview Gardens – an urban farm collective in Goleta, CA. They discuss chronic diseases based on unhealthy ultra-processed food, which have been the leading causes of death in the United States for the past several decades, and are still linked to American’s unhealthy bodies. The solution is to reimagine our food culture, reinvest in local, organic farms and gardens, and reorient our food systems to prioritize foods low on the processed food pyramid. In addition, we explore some key skills to master in the kitchen, which might make us all question the assumption that fast and cheap rules out healthy and good. We also enjoy didyaknows! (Produced by Kristy Jansen). 


Fairview Gardens is an Urban Farm Collective in Goleta, CA

Jon Aimonetti

Jon Aimonetti became the Executive Director of Fairview Gardens in Goleta, California, one of Southern California's oldest farms, in the spring of 2019. After leaving a world of banking behind, Jon found his passion in educating the public on the roots of their food, giving them the knowledge to change their lives.

The farm has been around since 1895, and and in 1997 it started the Center for Urban Agriculture as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Because of the financial turmoil the farm has faced, Jon's financial background has brought great promise in revitalizing it. One thing that has remained constant in both Fairview Gardens and Jon's career is an educational mission. The farm specializes in educating the public, especially children, to cultivate a connection with the natural world and inspire a desire for sustainable, organic food.